Problems Your Dental Check-Up Might Uncover


We’ve all been guilty of putting off that 6 month reminder for your dental check-up.  However skipping that dental examination may have a bigger impact on your health than just a hole in the tooth! Here are some health problems that a visit to the dentist might uncover.


1) Anaemia

If you’re feeling sluggish, low iron levels can often be the culprit with its role in carrying oxygen in our blood cells. There are many signs of iron deficiency anemia such as pale skin, breathlessness or loss of appetite, however if you have a cracked and reddened tongue then it’s time for a dental checkup. Your dentist will take one look at pale gums and know you’re not getting your share of leafy greens. Signs and symptoms of anemia are sometimes difficult to pick up in people, so that’s why it’s important to get your dental check-up regularly to quickly see any oral signs that your iron may be low.


2) Too much stress

When that deadline is due you could be damaging and wearing your teeth without even knowing it!  Hormone release associated with too much stress known to trigger a range of different health problems.  Night grinding due to overactive and tense jaw muscles is very common in people who are mentally over run with stress and can be disastrous for your smile and is also linked to headaches, migraine and jaw dysfunction.  If you wake during the night with sore teeth or jaw pain or suffer from migraines then you may be grinding your teeth at night due to stress.


3) Sjogren's syndrome

An autoimmune disorder of the salivary glands that can be secondarily linked to the presence of rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogen’s syndrome presents in 90% of cases in middle-aged women. Symptoms include dry eyes and mouth (increasing risk of tooth decay) which can be diagnosed through biopsy of the lip or eyes and will indicate further testing for presence of rheumatoid arthritis.  Many presentations of Sjogen’s syndrome is due to dry mouth which can be tested with a salivary test at your dental check-up!